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There is no doubt in my {Brittany} mind that Gavin Freakin’ Blake is definitely my current “Mr. Tall, Dark, and Fuckable Handsome.” Yup. But, I’m feeling nice and I’m willing to share. Enjoy!

Why we will now compare everyone to Mr. Blake:

“Yes, he was that good looking. Take-your-breath-away good looking. Want-to-strip-your-body-naked-and-let-him-devour-you-alive good looking. Certified-eye-candy good looking.” – Emily on Gavin

“Forget about the charm that bled from his pours or his piercing blue eyes, his dimpled smile alone had Emily instantly convinced that unlimited amounts of women dropped their panties for him on his command. Daily.” – Emily on Gavin

“No, It’s Gavin. Gavin Blake. Although in certain private one-on-one situations, I’ve been referred to as God.” – Gavin

“Here’s to bottle caps,the Yankees, and ‘birds’, and most of all”…he paused and lowered his voice to a whisper..” and,most of all to a beautiful girl named Molly who refuses to believe the man-the man who loves her more than she’ll ever know.” – Gavin

“I’ve never felt so heartbroken and so in love at the same time. If you would’ve told me the day we met that you were going to break my heart— and that days, months, or even years would pass, that I would still be hurting like this—it wouldn’t have stopped me from falling in love with you.” – Gavin

“A faint smile touched Emily’s mouth. “You want kids?”
“I want bucketloads tucked neatly into a minivan,” he laughed.
“Gavin Blake in a minivan?”
“Absolutely,” he replied, reaching for his beer. “A funky forest green one, too.” – Gavin and Emily

“I want the late-night drives, the sunset watching, the screaming, the yelling, and the crying. I know I’ll definitely want the make-up sex that comes after all of the screaming and crying. I want the good, the bad, and the in-between. All of it is what’s going to make us amazing together.” – Gavin

“You belong with me, not him. Every part of you was made for me. Your lips were made to kiss mine, your eyes were made to wake up to me looking at you in my bed every morning, and your fucking tongue was made to roll my name off of it. I am more certain of us than I’m certain that I require oxygen to breathe.” – Gavin

“Let me love every part of you. Your mind…your body…your heart…your scars…your quirks…your habits…your thoughts…all of you. Give me all of if, Emily.” – Gavin

Pulse Quotes *May Contain Spoilers*

“Mom, I’m twenty-eight, I own a thriving business, and my girlfriend’s sitting on the couch. You’re dropping my swoon-worthy factor by the second.” 

“It’s going to be bucket loads of babies in a nasty green minivan with Mr. Gavin Fuckable Blake. You’ll see.” – Olivia

“Who are you? Cristian Grey?” -Emily

“Remember, I’m the landlord. You need my permission to do anything.” 

“Cars and you. My two favorite things.” 

“I can’t promise you it’ll always be sweet and tender because you and I fight hard. But I’m pretty sure it won’t be a horror ride either because you and I love even harder. What I can promise is you’ll always mean more to me than my next breath, and it’ll always be you in my life. No one else.”  

“Okay, Mr. Blake. Let’s crash.” -Emily

“His lover. His friend. His forever.” 

“I’ll only ever worship these lips. I’ll only ever worship this body.” 

“Blood. Fucking. Red.”  

“Yeah? Even though I have a fuckload of money you love my bottle caps? Should my caps be more…refined?” 

“I owed you a bottle cap since the last few times I drank, I forgot to give you one. I’m sorry.” 

“I want to break the rules with you. Kiss you passionately every day. Make you smile when you’re about to cry. I want no regrets with us. I want us to laugh together until we can’t breathe and it hurts. No man will ever love you the way I’m going to love you, Emily. You’re it. My last. My forever.”  

“Remember, I hold not one sexual limit with you. But I draw the line at you painting on any male bodies other than mine.” 


“Forgive fast and forget even faster.” 

“Remember? You trump Valentine’s Day chocolates.” 

“I also thank God the delivery boy quit the day you walked into my life. I thank God every time you burn a casserole and smoke the shit out of my house.”  

“Do you doubt my happy making skills?”

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12 Responses to Book Boyfriend – Gavin Blake – Collide

  1. Andie Wardlow says:

    Well shoot I feel a lil selfish because I didn’t want to share Gavin! Love your pics…
    and the quotes. Collide had so many quotes I absolutely loved!
    Gavin Blake is beyond perfect book boyfriend material…he’s definitely top dog on my list and I don’t think he will be unseated for awhile.

    • Andie-
      I know…I’m not sure how I really feel about sharing him… :P He’s pretty darn high on my list as well. I can’t wait until the next book!

      Thanks for stopping by the blog! I’m glad you loved the pictures and quotes as much as I did!


  2. Stacemcarter says:

    Ok I have to know who that really is in the pictures!! And too bad there isn’t a picture of him in a Yankees hat!!

  3. Irish says:

    Oh Gavin Blake, you’ll be the death of me…

    Brittany, thank you for sharing this. Gavin is currently my number #1 fictional boyfriend right now.. Team Gavin Blake! <3

  4. AMS says:

    Model is Emmanuel Haas

  5. Lorna says:

    Gavin Blake is no doubt a rugged, sexy, dysfunctional, confident, did I say sexy, knows what he wants and goes after it sexy eye candy…reading Collide, there’s no way can any girl, not picture themselves getting $@#$ from this fine specimen. Emily is certainly one lucky damsel…cheers to bottle caps, Yankee hats and a lot of hot passion…lol

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